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Residents living near the intel plant who notice strange/undefinable odors and/or experience unexplained illnesses such as cough, burning eyes, lungs, or headaches, please report them to...

 Intel Command Center

in Rio Rancho

New Mexico

New Mexico Environment Dept.(NMED) Air Quality Bureau

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Dallas Regional Office  

Such reports are crucial to documenting these issues that are only going to increase as Intel ramps up its new production. Pollution is not safe under any circumstances and the odors are not normal. We must let Intel and the Governmental Agencies charged with our health and well-being know when we are being poisoned!


When you make these calls, indicate the date, time, and place when/where you noticed the odor or experienced the illness, and describe the characteristics of the odor as best you can.

Keep in mind that the NMED and EPA offices may or may not initially accept these reports, but we need to insist that they do.

Send an email OR fill out the form on this page so we can also keep a record of the reports and complaints, not only for our records but to make sure Intel, NMED and EPA are documenting your voices! 

Have you reported a chemical odor?
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View the meeting as it took place live and download the slides and handout!

We were honored to have over 75 attendees at the local public meeting regarding Intel's pollution into the Rio Rancho, Corralles, and Northwest ABQ areas.

Air pollution holding organizations accountable


CAFA-now is a non-profit organization dedicated to curbing the toxic air emissions emitted from Intel New Mexico's plant by informing the public of their harmful effects and exhorting Intel to employ the most effective emissions abatement equipment. CAFA-now will share data, studies, articles, testimonies, and pertinent information through news media,, email,, and a variety of social media platforms. We will continually communicate with and obtain the best available information from governmental agencies, politicians, private non-profit organizations, technical and healthcare sources, and Intel. And we are undertaking a continuous effort to identify and measure the airborne chemicals that Intel is emitting.

Colleagues Working Together to fight air pollution in new mexico
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